French Confit Pot with Green and Yellow Glaze

(France, 19th Century)

Category Decorative Arts
Origin France
Period 19th Century
Condition Excellent
Circa mid 1800's
Dimensions dia 9 x h 11½
THB Reference 3452187378

French Confit Pot with Green and Yellow Glaze

French confit pots were used in the preservation of duck confit before the existence of refrigeration. The pots were buried in sand in the cellar up to the glaze and filled with the freshly cooked confit of duck. The fat gelled at the neck thus preserving the duck. Most confit pots only have the yellow glaze. This particular one has the green glaze as well which is somewhat rare. They are very decorative and are often used to hold wooden spoons in kitchens. We have a large selection of confit pots to choose from.

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