Moche IV Pottery Portrait Vessel of God Ai Apaec

(South America, 1st - 10th Century)

Moche IV Pottery Portrait Vessel of God Ai Apaec
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Moche IV Pottery Portrait Vessel of God Ai Apaec

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Moche IV Pottery Portrait Vessel of God Ai Apaec as an owl, Peru, circa 400-500 CE. Ai Apaec is known as the Decapitator God. Buff and brown pigment, incised fangs protruding from mouth, animalistic (hare) figures for ears, large round eyes, few minor chips to paint. In excellent condition. 10 1/2" high. Ex: Lands Beyond, New York. Originally the supreme sky deity of the Moche people, Ai Apaec was ousted from his position by Inti, the Incan God of the Sun and his people absorbed into the Incan Empire. Beaten but left alive Ai Apaec wandered the World until he met Tezcatlipoca one night at a crossroads. Tezcatlipoca had descended to the World to challenge mortals (and prove his own superiority) but found Ai Apaec instead. The two Gods dueled for 3 days and nights before Ai Apaec severed Tezcatlipoca’s foot. (Tezcatlipoca has maintained he lost it while creating the World with Quetzalcoatl) As a show of respect Tezcatlipoca invited Ai Apaec into The Atzlanti and he accepted. Since then Tezcatlipoca has done all he could to hinder Ai Apaec holding him only second, behind Quetzalcoatl, on his list of enemies. Ai Apaec was the protector of the Moche, Provider of water, food, and victory in battle. He usually appeared as a young, muscular man with large fangs wearing a Jaguar headdress, snake head earrings, and a double headed snake as a belt. He holds a blood covered Half moon shaped blade in one hand, and the severed head of his latest foe, or sacrifice, in the other.

WIDTH: 7 in | HEIGHT: 10 in | DEPTH: 7 in

Origin South America
Category Antiquities
Circa400 CE
Style Unspecified

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