Victorian 14KT Gold Sliding Necklace with Opal, Sapphires, and Pearls

(Great Britain, 19th Century)

Victorian 14KT Gold Sliding Necklace with Opal, Sapphires, and Pearls
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Victorian 14KT Gold Sliding Necklace with Opal, Sapphires, and Pearls


This exquisite sliding necklace is 14 karat gold, with a superb slide that is decorate with sapphires, pearls, an opal and a hanging tassel. The necklace is a bold yellow gold color, which compliments the colors of the gemstones very nicely. The slide is in perfect working condition, allowing the for necklace to be held in place at whatever height desired. At the end of the necklace is a hook, where a personal charm, or jewel would be attached. The slide is a solid piece of gold, with a central oval opal that features a variety cool colors, from baby blue to violet. The opal measures 6.5 by 4 mm. At either side of the opal are two dark 1.5 mm sapphires, in a transitional cut, as older cut gemstones. Below these, in a symmetrical design are a line of small detail cultured pearls, all approximately 1 mm in size. There are a total of 13 pearls, and 6 sapphires. Below the opal is a line of sapphires in an ascending order. All around the gemstones is an encircling of organic and ornate engraved lines. These add a nice touch to the glowing gems. Below the slide is the hanging tassel, with five woven ropes of gold that end in a gold bead and sway nicely along with movement.

The opal is a popular gemstone from the Victorian era. It holds many mystical properties and was said to radiate highly creative energies. The opal exhibits nice watery opaqueness with a glowing range of soothing colors. The stone is named after the qualities it exhibits; in Greek the word "opallios,” means “to see a change of color.” The pearls, a popular organic gemstone with powerful Victorian symbolism was said to represent the tears of the mourner. The sapphire is the gemstone of fidelity, a royal gem that was highly valued by Queen Victoria.

The slide piece measures 3/4 of an inch by 1/2 inch. It is 1/4 of an inch thick and has some nice weight to it. The back of the slide has a copyright mark, along with a company name staring with the letter J, but the rest is worn. It has a 14KT mark just below. The necklace measures 25 inches all around, hanging quite low. The entire necklace weighs a total of 24 grams.

This sliding necklace is a romantic and classic piece of Victorian jewelry. It is a truly rare item in great condition. Circa 1880. This era was the Grand Period in Victorian era jewelry and you can see the features of this necklace make it quite elegant.

SIZE: 25

Origin Great Britain
Category Necklaces
Period 19th Century
Style Victorian

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