A Brass Pendant Lamp in the Style of Henri Mathieu

It’s more like a piece of sculpture than a hanging lamp, an ingenious blend of sinuous curves and sharp-edged geometry that was forged in another era, but somehow feels strikingly of-the-moment today. Henri Mathieu was a trailblazing midcentury designer with a workshop in Gargas, France. He was known for Space Age chandeliers and sconces executed in haute materials like brass and bronze. This vintage model adopts Mathieu’s aesthetic in such a seductive way. Its 11 brass blades adjust to create endless shapely configurations, with a showcase-worthy scale to match. It brings to mind so many stylish things—statement jewelry, a Calder mobile, the cutting-edge oeuvre of Hervé Van Der Straeten—and captures the rage for all things brass, the warm metal hue that’s currently having a moment. With quiet elements to set it off in a streamlined dining room or foyer, its strong, simple lines will speak so eloquently—and chicly—for themselves.

Explore the object here.